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really good music
and animation
feels good to watch and hear

wow this was unexpected
but so funny

well made
ahh all those times playing classic worms
another funny clip could be the finger skill
where you just push someone on the water
there are so many things you could animate
nicely done

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died 147 times
its just a fun rage game
with a nice mechanic
well done

perfect game for me
controls feels really good
passed all levels and love that you made one really hard one at the end
always like a challenge
going to my favorites
love it

Yetman responds:

Thank you. I am really glad you enjoyed it.

coming back to this game to leave a review
for now i am number one on the ranking i made on 2017
the thing about endless runner is fun if you have a leader board
so you can compete with others
and that is what motivated me at the time to be the first one to score more than 1000
thank you for this game

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Joe Rogen's podcast is pretty good
i like how he talks about different topics
the rythm of this one is nice
well done

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah you listen to them too! :) Yeah, both Joe and everyone he has on seem to contribute all kinds of weird know-how and wisdom in every single one of them, and if not at least the conversation's great. Feels like the sum of human knowledge and nature might be floating around in this podcast collective. So many interesting guests too.

And thanks, not super happy with the performance overall but it goes how it goes, some days okay, some days better!

mmmm eating dreams

Cyberdevil responds:

Good dreams = tasty dreams!

was kinda late for this one but i listened to what i missed
maybe the recommendations where kinda long but man
after looking at all my tabs open you really see some hidden gems
what a guest for season 3 or even if it is season 3
thank you for the podcast

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this looks pretty good
well done
maybe some of the black could have had more color
or mix more of the blue on it
just an idea as on the blue there is alot but on the black its empthy
still looks good

CandySweetssJr responds:

I don't usually get feedback, so I appreciate it :)!

I did want the scene to be to confusing by adding a ton of color, so I added a bit a black. I agree with you though. Adding more blue to the black would make it better.

this one is pretty good
kinda empty on the background

nice ring
it is Octobit also so doing it in pixels fits that too

HBaguette responds:

Yeah, I realized I was being a big-brained genius and doing the wrong thing after I posted it. I'm doing the Octobit prompts from today onward, though, check out the Day 2 post.

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