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as i say most of the time i see a youtube video here
i would rather see an edited version for NGs
everytime i see something like this i feel like
"oh i will just post the same and not change anything"
this is a different place an as it is we want different stuff
the audio is good and the animation is decent
your art that you showed looked high quality
if you fix out the youtube part i'm sure you will be more welcomed here
or just mention it apart from the video

GoatGaming responds:

Okay, thank you!

never been a fan of promoting your youtube on NGs
it looks like a decent anmation
but i don't see why would you just upload it here

ChutneyIsland responds:

too many copyright infringments

no esta mal
buen fame by fame

EX-star responds:

muchas gracias. cada fin de semana vere si subo algo de mi progreso con la practica uvu

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nice game
when i got the gun i thought lets start killing things
but on the first level i saw that is was all for movement
and that's an awesome thing
loved the mechanics
there could have been a better explanation for the story
quite short but i guess that's good for speedrunning(needs a leaderboard)
thanks for this

lol nice one
classic quiz game from the old days
that music is soo good
kinda short but well done

Little-Rena responds:

Wick was hard to wrap my head around, and by the time I did, the deadline was almost up!

i love plataformers
this is a really decent one
man that boss was soo simple but soo well done
what nice mix ups you made with that boss
such a nice design
one this is the auto scroll right to the boss you can press left and not move
just a small thing
well done

pktora responds:

Thank you for playing my demo! I went ahead and fixed the bug you found.

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really fun episode to listen live
i could see all the thing that where edited out hehe
as for the wick game i was told by the people that i won 8th place
but they noticed late so i was the only one not mentioned by tom
other than that the music was really well chosen
lets go season two

nice podcast
you right about youtube on that topic
i also love Newgrounds because of it unique qualities
"if i wasn't able to complete the picture why upload it" is a really fun topic that people can talk about a lot and there are so many thing related to that that are interesting,Publishing,Consistency,Reviews,Community and many more
for your fist podcast i think you did a really good job(maybe i could cohost idk)
i would recommend looking at the other 2 podcast that are the most popular on NGs(GroundsPatrol and ACoupleOfCrickets)
and trying to be different from the topics that you would talk but be a part of the community
as on this two podcasts even if they are kind of rivals they still mention each other and have fun doing so
hope you keep this up
gl hf

this is so good
thanks for a couple of crickets for showing this in their podcast

theburger20052 responds:

thanks! it was an honor to be in their podcast

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reminds me of FLCL
looks good
only need some kind of background or extra color

dam this looks soo good

what a nice pixel art
well done

gatekid3 responds:

Thank you

hi i am david

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