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was a fun game

i could have a faster time knowing what to do

but i think its fun to see you fast you can do it without knowing what to do or where things are

this game was really fun

i first thought that the most dificult level would be really hard but i did it (yey)


i liked this game

2017-06-15 22:42:41 by davidpuralocura

i just played the colossorama game

and got kinda far i guess

i didnt die, i just stoped playing because the levels are the same all the time after a while


daly 4th on our collab

2017-04-15 14:20:36 by davidpuralocura

its the first collab i participated in and also my first daily price

i loved doing it, didnt know much about sprites animation but i did it

hope one day i can win a daily by my self

but by the time im happy with this


2016-12-11 05:59:27 by davidpuralocura

Top Topper: @davidpuralocura (+16)

found the finish twise (Sanguine 2 spoiler)

2016-10-28 18:50:20 by davidpuralocura

2977816_147769483743_1.pngi first didnt know how to get the 3 keys that i had to get to go to this room soo i glichet the game using the chain

and going over the level and under it there is the finish.

but after following the advice of RayBeckham-- "Every world has a level with a glowing gold light of some sort.  These levels have an extra key hidden within them." i quickly got into the last level



found a glitch

2016-10-24 19:59:48 by davidpuralocura


idea for animacion

2015-09-29 02:59:12 by davidpuralocura

one man is falling in hole

he hit the ground and some doctors come and pick him up

they go in an elevator and to a hospital

the man awakes and freaks our and runs out the hospital

and falls in the same hole and it loops


2015-09-29 02:50:59 by davidpuralocura



2015-04-20 21:38:59 by davidpuralocura

soo whats your motivacion to animate or the thing you do on NG?